Legacy of the Elder Star will be at Salt Lake Gaming Con in August

We'll be showing Legacy of the Elder Star at Salt Lake Gaming Con this August 6-8 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah, as part of a major local indie showcase organized by the Utah Games Guild (of which I'm a co-founder).

We're really excited about this show! It's Salt Lake Gaming Con's first year, but we've been working closely with them to organize our showcase and we've seen firsthand their vision and dedication to hosting an amazing convention. On top of that, we're expecting this to be the biggest, highest-profile, and most impressive Utah Games Guild showcase yet!

As for Legacy of the Elder Star, this will be our first demo of narrative elements and the expanded cast of characters – yes, the Cosmonaut will have friends! – in addition to featuring a couple new stages, new music, and new weapon and special ability options. It's a perfect opportunity to come try out the latest-and-greatest version of the game!

And while you're here, you can check out the rest of the awesome stuff currently being produced by the Utah indie community, meet some AAA celebrities, compete in both video and tabletop game tournaments, enjoy a ton of awesome cosplay, and even take in a concert or two. :D

We hope you'll join us!

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