Legacy of the Elder Star: Dev Diary #6

This week we're talking about music! Specifically, two new tracks I've written for our upcoming demo at Salt Lake Gaming Con.

Here's the first one, from our asteroid-cloud stage we're calling The Perimeter:

've tried hard to strike a balance between having the intense energy you expect out of a shmup soundtrack (colloquially termed "shmup rock") while still carving out our own unique musical space in the genre. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm 100% on-target yet, but I'm feeling pretty good about it so far.

Here's the second track, from our floating-islands stage we're calling The Shattered Strata:

One of our toughest creative challenges, not just for the soundtrack but for the game in general, has been striking the right tone. Legacy of the Elder Star is a colorful, upbeat game about a cosmic hero and his friends defending the universe against an endless robot army. As such, we want to keep things a little bit lighter and more adventurous than your typical shmup, but without going all the way into Disney territory. Erik's artwork definitely achieves that goal, and now (finally) I'm starting to feel like my soundtrack is getting there too.

And if you're interested in a peek behind the scenes: I write all our music in Reason, which I've used for I don't even know how many years now. (I first got into it back on version 2.5; it's now on version 8.) Here's what the project file looks like for The Perimeter:

(Maybe one day, if there's interest – post a comment below! – I'll write a bit about my creative workflow and production techniques.)

We've got just two weeks left before our demo at Salt Lake Gaming Con, and rest assured we're going to be crazy-busy getting everything into perfect shape, so I'll leave off here for now. If you'll be in Utah on August 6-8, be sure to come visit us at the South Towne Expo Center! :)