Kickstarter #1: Podcasts, reviews, and streams: oh my!

Day 1 is behind us, and together you've pledged nearly 5% of our goal already. Thank you so much! <3

If you haven't already, please back us on Kickstarter and vote for us on Steam Greenlight.

TOMORROW: EID vs. Lupus charity stream!

The crew at Entertainment Is Dead are doing a 24-hour live gaming marathon this weekend to raise money for the Utah chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America.

They'll be playing Legacy of the Elder Star tomorrow (Saturday the 19th) starting at noon MDT (6:00 PM GMT). We'll be there LIVE to talk about the game... and hopefully, to help kick lupus in its ass!

You can tune into the stream at, and you can donate to the cause right here.

A wild Josh appears! (on the Enemy Slime podcast)

 A couple days ago Josh joined the Enemy Slime podcast to talk about Legacy of the Elder Star, the Utah Games Guild, and... stacking hats. (Seriously.)

It's a long, meaty, and highly-irreverent interview (that means profanity, kids!) where we discuss the inspiration behind our art style, our unique approach to leaderboards and online competition, and why we probably should've made a game with "simulator" in the title instead.

Listen now (our segment begins around 26:00)

Demo reviews from True PC Gaming and Gamers Haven

We sent out a press demo just before launching our campaign, and its first two reviews are now online!

True PC Gaming's Steven Smith had this to say: "The demo I played already shows a lot of promise... Fans of the genre should definitely be checking this game out."

And here's Jordan Kamm of Gamers Haven: "Legacy of the Elder Star sounds like it has massive potential."

Aww, thanks guys! :)

Legacy of the Elder Star development retrospective

Want a peek behind the scenes? Curious how we got to where we are today?

A couple weeks ago we posted an in-depth development retrospective about our two-year journey from our initial prototype, through a half-dozen public events, and now to Kickstarter.

We talk about our early inspirations, what drove our key game design decisions, and how showing the game to the public helped shape and hone our vision. We also shamelessly name-drop a bunch of awesome shmups and talk a bit about the scene's competitive and collector communities.

Check it out!

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

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