Kickstarter #3: Our public demo launched today!

We've had a slow start to our campaign thanks to this. Today, with your help, we'll start to turn that around!

Grab our public demo!

We've had a few people confused about how a mouse-driven shmup actually works. What better way to address that confusion than to release a hands-on demo?

Download it here. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are all available!

Gameplay explainer video

If can't or don't want to grab the demo, you might be interested in our new explainer video, where we walk you through the moment-to-moment experience of one of our current quests:

Drop us a comment if you have any further questions!

We're now on IndieDB

This week we joined IndieDB, a large and well-known indie game dev community. If you're an IndieDB user, feel free to friend/follow us!

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Don't forget that we're also on Steam Greenlight, where we need your vote in order to secure PC, Mac, and Linux distribution on Steam. It only takes a second to vote!

Kickstarter spotlight: 12 Is Better Than 6

Man, this game. LOOK AT IT:

Their pen-and-paper art style is really fresh and impressively well-implemented. And while it's nominally a top-down shooter, the unique gun mechanics (you have to manually cock, then fire) and tough enemies give it a much more tactical feel, a bit like you'd get out of a Hotline Miami.

Their soundtrack is pretty rad too, emphasizing Western guitars and a slightly understated, yet dramatic tone that feels like that moment of anticipation right before a classic shootout.

12 Is Better Than 6 on Kickstarter