Kickstarter #4: Share your best moves and high scores!

Did you grab our demo yet? Let's talk about a few things you might not have noticed.

Screenshot and GIF captures

You can capture a screenshot any time by pressing the S key. It'll automatically be saved to your persistent data location; this varies depending on whether you're on Windows, Mac, or Linux, but you can access it by going into the settings page from the main menu and clicking the "Open Capture Location" button.

You can capture a 4-second animated GIF any time by pressing the G key. This captures the last 4 seconds. The GIF capture tool is always recording in the background, so if you do something awesome, hit G within 4 seconds and you'll have a fresh new animated GIF ready for sharing on Twitter. :D

In fact, we used this exact tool to capture all the GIFs we've been sharing on our own Twitter feed @elderstargame.

Share your best moments on #elderstar

We want to see your best moves and highest scores! Tweet your screenshots and animated GIFs with the hashtag #elderstar and we'll spotlight our favorites.

To share your high score, a good rule of thumb would be to press S while the "QUEST COMPLETE" message is displayed onscreen. That way everyone will know this was your true final score for the quest. We'll watch the #elderstar hashtag and keep track of the current leader for each quest in the demo.

For GIFs, anything goes! Share that ninja-level squad clear, a clutch boss kill, or even a hilariously embarrassing death. We love those. :P

Tips for maximizing your score

There are some subtle mechanics in Legacy of the Elder Star that can greatly affect your score:

  • Bonus kills are worth 3x normal score. Each primary and secondary weapon lists its own bonus kill mechanics on the weapon select screen. For example, the dual blasters pay out 3x score for point-blank kills.
  • Bullet grazes occur when you get close to an enemy bullet without getting hit by it. The bullet will change color and pay out a score item. You can boost your score by taking advantage of dense enemy patterns to graze lots of bullets quickly.
  • Bullet captures occur when you graze an enemy bullet, then kill the enemy that fired that bullet. The grazed bullet will be converted into a score item and removed from play. These are tricky to pull off, but once you learn to spot the right opportunities, they can have a meaningful impact on your final score.

And here are some general tips:

  • Use your special ability often. It's tempting to save it for the boss fight, but you can refill your ability meter quickly (especially using the scoring tips above; they also contribute more ability energy!) so there's no reason not to pop special as frequently as possible. The rocket and beam both capture enemy bullets en masse, so if you're clever you can grab a lot of extra bonus points.
  • Clear patterns as quickly as possible. Outside of boss fights, enemy patterns are spawned one right after another as you clear them, over a fixed amount of time. The faster you clear each pattern, the sooner the next will spawn, and the more you'll be able to clear overall. More patterns means more scoring opportunities... so try not to spend too much time waiting for that "perfect" moment.

We look forward to seeing your best scores!

Kickstarter spotlight

Today we're looking at Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Here's their pitch:

"Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an RPG inspired by the classic console greats, featuring deep dungeon diving, turn-based combat presented in a classic JRPG format, and tons of secrets, story and randomly-generated replay goodness."

I grew up on this kind of stuff, so I'm really stoked to see their project doing well. And their art style is just gorgeous, as well it should be since the team is composed of Vigil Games alums, and if you remember the Darksiders games then you know what kind of visual treat you're in for here. ;)

They're already funded and they've been smashing stretch goals left and right, but you still have time to get in on some sweet, sweet backer rewards!