Price drop & new store launches

From here on out, Legacy of the Elder Star is now just $4.99. If you've been on the fence about picking up a copy, now is the time!

Since our launch back in June we've been watching the indie games market closely, and the fact is the $15-20 price range has evolved rapidly toward much larger games, built by bigger and better-funded teams, with much more content, and that trend seems like it'll only continue. So, this price drop brings us back in line with market expectations for our size and style of game.

We've also now launched on the Humble Store as well as, so if you were waiting on a way to get the game outside of Steam, now's your chance! (Note that you can still get Steam keys from Humble Store and purchases if you prefer.)

Also, the soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp, for those of you who aren't so interested in blowing stuff up but still enjoy great tunes!