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Kickbomb Entertainment is an indie game dev microstudio dedicated to best-in-class game feel, richly dynamic design, imaginative worlds, interesting gameplay choices, and sustainable development. It was founded in March 2013 by game industry veteran Josh Sutphin.

When not engaged in the creation of original titles, Kickbomb works with other independent parties to create new games on commission, provide design insight and advice, and create custom tools and workflows for developers. The company is also closely involved with growing the Utah indie game dev scene through initiatives like the Utah Games Guild (of which Josh is a co-founder).

You can read Kickbomb's values statement here.

Team & Collaborators

  • Josh Sutphin – Owner and principal developer
  • Erik Exeter – Principal artist and animator for Legacy of the Elder Star


Legacy of the Elder Star

Legacy of the Elder Star is a shoot 'em up for the rest of us. You are the Cosmonaut, the eternal cosmic hero who must shatter the robotic Infinite Legion and rekindle a dying star!

Using a one-handed, mouse-driven control scheme, you'll dodge and strike with 1:1 precision and unlimited movement speed. Evade intense bullet patterns in the blink of an eye, then swipe through entire enemy squads to crush them in a single gesture. Movement is everything in Legacy of the Elder Star, and no other shoot 'em up moves like this.

The focus is on playing smart offense, not picking your way through overwhelming bullet hell. Enemy patterns change each time you play, keeping you on your toes and avoiding rote sequence repetition; online daily challenges are even further randomized.

The main story mode grants unlimited continues; death may limit your scoring potential, but it won't kick you out of the game. And extensive accessibility options like a colorblind mode, auto-fire toggle, and adjustable game speed are included for gamers with disabilities, or even just those who want a more casual experience.



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“Legacy of the Elder Star knocks it out of the park, retaining the retro charm of the genre without shackling itself to the past.” – GamerPros

“The game runs like heaven, and controls wonderfully.” – Enemy Slime

“The music is very well done, with most tracks sampling the surprisingly-catchy main theme, and is one of the highlights of the whole game.” – Christ Centered Gamer

“There are times where you find little gems hidden among the smorgasbord of games... and when you do it’s great. Meet Legacy of the Elder Star.” — DigiSpun

“This colorful shoot-em-up demo offers a glimpse of what could be a hit in the coming year.” — Fast Paced Reviews

“Instantly feels familiar and intuitive... I’m eager to see more.” — TechRaptor

“[The dash is] a great mechanic, that allows for a fresh new take on an age old genre and makes for an intense and thoroughly enjoyable shmup experience.” — Alpha Beta Gamer

“The hand-painted graphics fill this game with so much color…it’s an absolute joy to look at, as well as play.” — Gamers Haven

“The demo I played already shows a lot of promise... Fans of the genre should definitely be checking this game out.” — True PC Gaming

Josh Sutphin

Josh first got into game development through building custom maps for Unreal Tournament. That eventually led to his creation of the Unreal Tournament 2003 mod Gem Feeder, which was a finalist in the first Make Something Unreal contest.

Josh’s professional career began in 2004 at Utah-based studio Sensory Sweep, where he worked as a hybrid designer/programmer. In 2006 he joined the Warhawk team at Incognito Entertainment in Salt Lake City as a designer; he took that project and its three expansions through to completion. In 2009 Incognito split up and Josh joined the founding team of Austin, Texas-based LightBox Interactive as the lead designer of its debut title and Warhawk spiritual successor Starhawk.

During his time at LightBox, Josh kept exploring and experimenting on the side. He discovered Unity in late 2009 and over the next year-and-change created five small games. The last of these was Fail-Deadly, which took first place in Ludum Dare 18.

In 2013 Josh left LightBox, moved back to Utah and founded Kickbomb Entertainment. His latest creation is a "shoot 'em up for the rest of us" called Legacy of the Elder Star.

The Utah Games Guild

Josh is keenly interested in growing the Utah indie game development scene. To that end, he co-founded the Utah Games Guild in May 2014 alongside two other local game devs and business owners.

The Utah Games Guild is a volunteer organization dedicated to growing and energizing the Utah indie game development scene. It has organized several large indie game showcases at commercial expos like Salt Lake Comic Con and Salt Lake Gaming Con, forged on ongoing partnership with The Leonardo, a local STEAM-focused museum, and contributed to several educational hackathons and tech jams for local middle- and high-school students.

Assets Archive

You can download an archive of everything in this presskit:

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Kickbomb Entertainment LLC
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Founded: March 2013


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Josh Sutphin

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Legacy of the Elder Star

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June 7, 2016: Steam
Feb 24, 2017: Humble Store
Feb 24, 2017:

PC, Mac, & Linux


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